MareMare Bottega in Hinterthal
Restaurant + Shop + Bar.

It’s three concepts under one roof. The sun is always shining in our Bar, Restaurant, and Shop, where we promise delicious food and friendly service. Even when we are buried in snow, it’s still summer inside. So relax, smile, and come a little closer. You’ve got a story to tell, and we’d like to hear it. It’s the simple things that make life sweet … La Dolce Vita. And if you want to take it home, click here.

Open table. Open sesame.

One dish, many plates. Sharing your plate and theirs become a delightfully social evening together. You order Portugal, she orders a bit of Greece and he orders a bottle of Rioja. This is where the MareMare Magic happens: Latin-style fun and alpine hospitality at a table for 2 or 20. 

Grab a seat, Dear Amici, and Viva la vida.

MareMare Bottega in Hinterthal
Food is our love language

Traditional Mediterranean, fusion, or vegetarian? Good food tastes better when it’s made with Amore. We serve dramatic cuisine without making a scene. You’ll likely want to order more, tempted to lick a finger. Just know you’re in good hands with our international team of sunny souls from here, there, and southern shores. Feasting in relaxed comfort sounds good, but what about the dress code? Come as you are. Just bring a Grande Appetito!

MareMare Bottega in Hinterthal
Nicole und Sarjo´s Place

One love, two hearts, three times a charm: Nicole and Sarjo met in Hinterthal by chance, as one might when traveling on holiday. In late 2022, they created a place in this special alpine valley where locals, travelers, and merry-makers gather to celebrate. As your hosts and guides, we invite you to share our table with good food and great conversation.